Poker has always been a popular game, and video poker managed to be even more popular. Nowadays, there are plenty of online casinos who offer it, all of them with different features and bonuses. In the following, we will present the classic video poker UK, explaining why it's one of the greatest online casino game.


Being one of the most popular slot games, video poker UK manages to offer some simple, but yet engaging features. At the first draw, the player will receive five random cards, and the point is to form at least two pairs. If that is not possible from the first draw, the player will hold the best cards, hoping for a pair on the next draw. In some cases, the player can form a straight, having five consecutive cards. This is harder to achieve but it will significantly increase the winnings. A typical "Jacks or Better" video poker UK will offer a small prize, even if the player has only one pair, made of Jacks or higher cards. A multihand game is even more engaging, allowing the player to draw up to 100 hands, in the same time. This requires a little more attention, but the winnings will always be higher.

Bonuses of Video Poker UK

Because slot games are always developing, video poker UK invented a series of incentives, to make us play the game. The single card bonus is one of the most convenient of them. When the first draw is dealt, another five cards are dealt in the bonus box as well. At the second draw, the player will receive another card, and if that card matches to one from the bonus box, he/she will receive a small bonus. The progressive Jackpot is another interesting bonus. Even though it's extremely rare, the Jackpot can ensure some substantial winnings, even 5000 higher then the invested amount. For that, you will need to obtain a Royal Flush (five consecutive cards of the same suit). This can happen extremely rare, but because the winning amount is so high, many people play video poker UK, just for that reason.

Final Thoughts

Video poker UK is a great source of fun, which can ensure some substantial winnings, if you are lucky enough. Despite other games, this one will not take you impressive amounts of money, and you will always be in charge of your spending. Try it today and get ready to hit the Jackpot.

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