Introduction of Panda slot machine big win

Thanks to the Internet, you can now play your favorite casino games by simply going online. One of the most popular games is Wild Panda slots. It is commonly found in many brick and mortar casinos around the world. Now, you can get the Wild Panda video slots game online. By using your laptop, you can navigate to the Wild Panda online game and multiply your money. The game has vivid graphics which indicate that it is set in the jungles of Central China where the magnificent and highly protected giant Pandas live. Amongst the bamboo trees, you can find your fortune. Here is much more about this awesome Wild Panda slot machine big win game.

Features of the Wild Panda video slots game

Wild Panda video slots game has 5 reels with symbols upon them. There are 100 paylines too. You can bet as low as 0.01 up to 50.00 on these paylines. To make your playing experience more enjoyable, the game has free spins and free wild spins for you. Currently, this video slot game is only available for computer systems running Windows and Mac operating systems.

Theme of Wild Panda video slot game

As you play Wild Panda, you get to explore the jungle habitat of the amazing giant pandas. The Wild Panda is the main character in the game. The theme is a jungle full of bamboo trees. Aristocrat games developed this casino video slot machine. They did an awesome job because you can see the realistic nature of the theme.

Game play and bonuses

There are many symbols that appear in the reels as you play Wild Panda. These include playing card symbols from the Ace to the 10. Sometimes, these playing card symbols have the letters P,A,N,D and A on them. If you play and luckily form the word PANDA across the reels, you will automatically win some free spins as a bonus. There are other interesting symbols that you can come across as you play Wild Panda slot machine big win. They include a Chinese Coin, the Mandolin, an Umbrella, Bamboo Sprout, Gold Fish, a Temple and the Lotus Flower.


You can have an interesting and enjoyable gambling experience by playing Wild Panda. Easily accessible from your laptop computer, simply navigate to to play this awesome game. It guarantees fun and reward at the same time.

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