Introduction to Free Slots Party Bonus

For as long as civilization has been around, we have enjoyed gambling. We place wagers in games of various kinds and try to multiply our money. Today, we gamble right in the Internet. We do so through specially-made websites known as online casinos. One of the games that you can gamble in is Free Slots Party Bonus. The game has a party theme and gives you the exciting opportunity to win jackpots and make a lot of money. Here is more about this online slot game.

Features of the game

The Free Slots Party Bonus game was one of the first ones ever made by a developer known as WMS. The game has highly entertaining and rewarding bonus concepts which make it very popular. As a result, it is able to maintain a loyal following of fans and enthusiasts. The video slot game has a total of 5 reels. They allow you access to as many as 100 coins across multiple paylines. The game has a special symbol known as the Super Jackpot Party. If you play and hit 5 of these symbols at the same time on an active payline, you automatically win 25,000 coins. To make the experience even more exciting for you, the game has a setting where you can activate a max bet as you play. This setting enhances all your spins to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot.


The Free Slots Party Bonus game has an average design that is not very intriguing or realistic. However, the high chances of winning on your spins makes the game worth playing. There is a lot of party symbolism throughout the game. The reels have symbols such as a Gift Box, Party Cups, Glitter Balls, Cocktails, Balloons and a number of Lucky Number 7 symbols. These symbols are decorated in a collection of different, vivid colors. The Lucky Number 7 symbols help you to score frequent wins. They do so by activating a collection of different, unique symbol combinations. Despite these frequent wins being small, if you can score enough of them you will multiply your money in a short period of time.


Available at, this slots game is perfect for gambling enthusiasts. It looks exactly like the real-life slots and even has the accompanying sounds. Go online and play Free Slots Party Bonus game to win a mega jackpot.



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